I’ve been kiting since about 2007, but I found that despite all the kiting trips and days on the water, I was missing decent photos to record the memories, to show my friends and family and put up on social media.

I created this website to capture some amazing moments of you on the water that will be truly beautiful, whatever your level of kiting.

I learnt photography through my company. If you don’t know I run a team building events company called Jambar Team Building and through the last 5 years I have taken thousands and thousands of photos at our events where I learnt and taught my staff about photography.

While I enjoy the process of taking and editing photos, it takes a considerable amount of time to get you the photos on the website. In today’s instant world, where we tend to get everything in seconds, to produce a high quality image actually takes time.

The general flow is:

Spend time the time on the water, about an hour.

On a typical weekend shooting I’ll take about 1500 photos. (I take so many because these are action shots and to capture the perfect moment, the camera is set to burst so over a 5 second jump it takes 50 pictures).

Copy the images to computer, at 80mb per RAW photo that takes about 2 hours

I need to look through all those and filter those down to around 150 photos, or +-10 photos per person, another 2 hours.

Individually edit each photo at about 1 minute per photo, 2-2.5 hours

Export and upload them to the website at about 20 minutes per photo set of each person. 4-5 hours.

So to get the photos up and ready for you is about 10-12 hours of work.

I hope you agree the photos look great!

Cheers and see you on the water!